About DPF

Dravidian Professionals Forum (DPF) (“Forum”) is a not for profit organization aimed at propagating and disseminating dravidian ideologies and its impact on the society. DPF will act as medium through which people can share thoughts on social justice, economic and social equality, elimination of discrimination, culture, governance and the impact of dravidian ideology in the modern society.

Professionals interested in equality and social justice are invited to be part of the forum to make earth a place devoid of discrimination in any form. Professionals includes, any one with an intellectual ability to participate and contribute in any discourse aimed at social building. Professionals may be doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, laborers, merchants, poets, artists etc. The Forum recognizes the fact that social movements evolved from Professionals are also with non-formal qualifications and their participation is imperative for the development of any ideas based on practical life.

DPF attempts bring the professionals in a single platform and create a network of Professionals at International, National, State, District and Village levels.In addition to the regular mode of networking, social media and information technology will be utilized to bring in professionals together.

The Professionals will get trained through discussions and deliberations and will get prepared for politics to shape the policies of the state.

Professionals are welcome to join the forum by filling the application form with required details. Applications will be scrutinized to assess the leniency towards dravidian and social justice ideals and on that basis will be enrolled in the Forum. Let us all join together to eliminate discrimination and ensure social justice.