• 1916

    Birth of Justice Party to take forward non-brahmin movement. In 20 Nov at Victoria memorial hall by Dr C.NatesaMudaliar, co founded by T.M.Nair and P.Theagaraya Chetty
  • 1920

    Justice Party own the First direct Election in the Madras Presidency and formed the government. For the next seventeen years it formed four out of five ministries.
  • 1921

    16 September 1921, the first Justice government passed the first communal government order (G. O. # 613), thereby becoming the first elected body in the Indian legislative history to legislate reservations, which have since become standard.
  • 1925

    The blossoming of the Self-Respect movement under the leadership of Thanthai Periyar, to further social-reforms and fight against caste
  • 1930

    Madras Devadasi Act was proposed by Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy in the legislative council of Madras led by Justice Party. But the law was passed later by Congress led government on 9th oct 1947.