Why DPF?

Why DPF?

Dravidianism – The Father of Civil Rights Movement

Post World War-II witnessed Civil rights movement across the globe. Be it American Civil rights movement, African Civil Rights movement,Canada’s quiet revolution, Prague spring, Northern Ireland civil rights movement originated somewhere in 1950s and attracted world’s attention in the fight against inequality.

However much prior to the civil rights movements, Dravidian movement revolutionized the struggle for equality in Tamilnadu (the then Madras Presidency) since 1914 which attempted to eliminate discriminations on the basis of caste and creed. While other civil rights movements across the world aimed at bringing equality between natives and not natives, Dravidian movement fought against discrimination within the natives which is a larger evil than the former and thus Dravidian movement stood as an inspiration to civil rights movement in the world.

Today Tamilnadu is in the forefront of development as compared to all other states in India due to the level playing field created by Dravidian movement. Tamilnadu’s Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) is 49% as compared to rest of India at 21% and even US at 43%. Infant mortality rate in TN is 17 out of 100 whereas in Uttar Pradesh it is 34 out of 100. Information Technology Exports from the state stood at Rs 1 lakh 10 cr as compared to less than Rs 10 cr resulting in large employment creation as compared to rest of India.

All these were made possible by Dravidian movement and successive dravidian governments through the landmark reforms carried out in all sectors including IT, Education, Health care.

However with globalization and development of the state through social and economic reforms by the Dravidian movement, the present generation did not have much opportunity to know about the social struggle which our forefathers have waged against the system to ensure a ‘level playing field’ for the future generations resulted in drifting of ideas and ideals towards oppressive forces.

Therefore it is felt to create awareness among the masses mainly the urban the need for self introspection and ensure equality and social justice in all spheres of life. Dravidian Professionals Forum (DPF) is a result of such thought process aimed at re-intellectualising  people with dravidian ideals to achieve the goal of self respect and social justice.